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Temp Nurses Cost Hospitals Big During Pandemic. Lawmakers Are Now Mulling Limits.

    2023-03-20 Temp Nurses Cost Hospitals Big During Pandemic. Lawmakers Are Now Mulling Limits. Bram Sable-Smith To crack down on price gouging, proposed legislation in Missouri calls for allowing felony charges against health care staffing agencies that substantially raise their prices during a declared emergency. A New York bill includes a cap on the […]

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PFAS Guidelines and Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water

  2023-03-20 New PFAS guidelines – a water quality scientist explains technology and investment needed to get forever chemicals out of US drinking water PFAS can be found in hundreds of water systems in the U.S. d3sign/Moment via Getty Images Joe Charbonnet, Iowa State University Harmful chemicals known as PFAS can be found in everything from […]

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A Short Musical History – The 70’s Thru Today

    A Short Musical History – The 70’s Thru Today   By Editorial Team AI   Music is an art form that has evolved over time, with each era producing its unique sound and style. From the 1970s through today, music has undergone significant changes in style, production, and technology, influenced by social, cultural, […]

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Musical Monday 2023-03-20 – Kyrgyzstan

    Musical Monday 2023-03-20 We feel, and studies suggest, that music can be a form of therapy for many, as well as us. We post music for those looking for new ways to diversify their musical appreciation, and possibly get acquainted and re-acquainted with unknown or forgotten artists. On Musical Monday, we post music […]

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California Covid Misinformation Law and Lawsuits

    2023-03-19 California’s Covid Misinformation Law Is Entangled in Lawsuits, Conflicting Rulings Bernard J. Wolfson Gov. Gavin Newsom may have been prescient when he acknowledged free speech concerns as he signed California’s covid misinformation bill last fall. In a message to lawmakers, the governor warned of “the chilling effect other potential laws may have” […]

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Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces (Family Features) No matter how cramped and cluttered your living space may be, you can almost always find a spot or two for extra storage. It’s often just a matter of getting creative and utilizing a few clever solutions. Consider these simple ideas to create some extra space in […]

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Sunday’s Jokes 2023-03-19

  Sunday’s Jokes 2023-03-19 Some say laughter is the best medicine, so, on Sundays, we post some jokes to hopefully brighten your day. – Editorial Team. Please note that Sunday’s jokes is no longer archived and is updated every week. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything, including the government. I don’t […]

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The U.S. Grim Leader in Preterm Births

    2023-03-18 The US Remains a Grim Leader in Preterm Births. Why? And Can We Fix It? Sarah Varney, Kaiser Health News Tamara Etienne’s second pregnancy was freighted with risk and worry from its earliest days — exacerbated by a first pregnancy that had ended in miscarriage. A third-grade teacher at an overcrowded Miami-Dade […]

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