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Chase Your Brain! – A quick tip on revision procrastination



Chase Your Brain! – A quick tip on revision procrastination


By Sadam Alah

Chase Your Brain! An article on how to stay focused when revising.

Humans can not simply agree. There are always debates and arguments about who is right and wrong. While this can be extremely frustrating, peoples opinions have to be taken with a grain of salt.

This is because every brain is different.

In this article I will primarily focus on concentration when revising and the most effective ways to beat the cerebrals serpent that leads us to procrastinate.

When presented with a task that requires focus and attention, our brain would much rather think of what is for tea tonight. It’s just mind boggling! Mind boggling that we set such high expectations of ourselves for exams,essays and tests which can toy with our own mental health as if it were a rubix cube, only to find revision to be a beyond perfect opportunity to let all our attention wander freely somewhere else.

But can this wicked wall be climbed? Of course! This is no time to be discouraged!

Every brain works differently, you need to be aware of this. When one mind can consume information like a hoover of knowledge, another may struggle to sit through just a few pages of writing. Nevertheless the solution is simple. Whatever task lies in front of you, no matter how big or small, just strain your mind to force out one sentence. That is all, one singular sentence. Just one. Simple.

Copying from a textbook or answering a dreaded 16 mark question brings stress therefore just making a start can make all the difference. So as you sit down and feel your attention stroll away through a pleasant field of the imagination, somewhere so appealing that it’s hard to wake up, Chase Your Brain!


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