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Covid – More Californians Dying at Home

    2023-01-28 More Californians Are Dying at Home. Another Covid ‘New Normal’? Phillip Reese The covid-19 pandemic has spurred a surge in the proportion of Californians who are dying at home rather than in a hospital or nursing home, accelerating a slow but steady rise that dates back at least two decades. The recent […]

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Florida Governor and Bivalent Claims

  2023-01-27 Florida Gov. DeSantis Falsely Claims Bivalent Booster Boosts Chances of Covid Infection Yacob Reyes, PolitiFact “Almost every study now has said with these new boosters, you’re more likely to get infected with the bivalent booster.” Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, on Jan. 17, 2023, during a press conference As he proposed to extend […]

Latino Teens as Health Educators

2023-01-26 Latino Teens Are Deputized as Health Educators to Sway the Unvaccinated   Heidi de Marco, California Healthline Classmates often stop Alma Gallegos as she makes her way down the bustling hallways of Theodore Roosevelt High School in southeast Fresno. The 17-year-old senior is frequently asked by fellow students about covid-19 testing, vaccine safety, and […]

Transgender in Rural America Struggle to Find Care Providers

    2023-01-25 Transgender People in Rural America Struggle to Find Doctors Willing or Able to Provide Care Helen Santoro For Tammy Rainey, finding a health care provider who knows about gender-affirming care has been a challenge in the rural northern Mississippi town where she lives. As a transgender woman, Rainey needs the hormone estrogen, […]

The Abortion Debate Ramps Up

    2023-01-24 Abortion Debate Ramps Up in States as Congress Deadlocks Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News Anti-abortion advocates are pressing for expanded abortion bans and tighter restrictions since the Supreme Court overturned the national right to abortion. But with the debate mostly deadlocked in Washington, the focus is shifting to states convening their first […]

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Montana’s Health Worker Shortage

    2023-01-23 Luring Out-of-State Professionals Is Just the First Step in Solving Montana’s Health Worker Shortage Keely Larson Jenna Eisenhart spent nearly six years as a licensed therapist in Colorado before deciding to move to a place with a greater need for her services. She researched rural states facing a shortage of behavioral health […]

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Slow NFL Mental Health Support for Players

    2023-01-22 NFL Has Been Slow to Embrace Mental Health Support for Players Mark Kreidler When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field in the middle of the “Monday Night Football” game in Cincinnati on Jan. 2, Carrie Hastings, half a continent away, understood what she needed to […]

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Older Americans and Paxlovid

    2023-01-21 What Older Americans Need to Know About Taking Paxlovid Judith Graham A new coronavirus variant is circulating, the most transmissible one yet. Hospitalizations of infected patients are rising. And older adults represent nearly 90% of U.S. deaths from covid-19 in recent months, the largest portion since the start of the pandemic. What […]

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A $30 Million Gift to Build an Addiction Treatment Center. Then Staffers Had to Run It.

    2023-01-20 A $30 Million Gift to Build an Addiction Treatment Center. Then Staffers Had to Run It. Bram Sable-Smith DECATUR, Ill. — The question came out of the blue, or so it seemed to Crossing Healthcare CEO Tanya Andricks: If you had $30 million to design an addiction treatment facility, how would you […]

Your Next Doctor’s Office May be Your Phone

    2023-01-19 Will Your Smartphone Be the Next Doctor’s Office? Hannah Norman, Kaiser Health News The same devices used to take selfies and type out tweets are being repurposed and commercialized for quick access to information needed for monitoring a patient’s health. A fingertip pressed against a phone’s camera lens can measure a heart […]

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