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Dog Day Saturday 2024-06-08 – Bolognese



Dog Day Saturday 2024-06-08

Owning and interacting with pets, according to studies, can be a form of therapy for many. We have dedicated Saturday to dogs and Wednesday to cats, when we will post an article on each of those days. We will also post articles on occasion about other animals people may have as pets.  – Editorial Team



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Male adult bolognese dog (cropped)
Mrtibbs1999, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The Bolognese dog, also known simply as the Bolognese, is a small breed belonging to the Bichon family. It is named after the city of Bologna in Italy. This breed is known for its charming personality, affectionate nature, and fluffy white coat.

Physical Characteristics

  • Size: The Bolognese is a small dog, typically weighing between 5.5 to 9 pounds (2.5 to 4 kg) and standing about 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) tall at the shoulder.
  • Coat: The coat is long, fluffy, and pure white. The texture is soft and slightly curly. Unlike some other breeds, the Bolognese does not shed significantly.
  • Eyes: The eyes are dark, round, and have an expressive quality. They are set well apart and are relatively large in proportion to the head.
  • Ears: The ears are set high and are long, hanging close to the cheeks.
  • Body: The body is compact and squarely built. The tail is carried curved over the back.


  • Affectionate: Bolognese dogs are known for their affectionate and loyal nature. They form strong bonds with their families and enjoy being close to their human companions.
  • Friendly: They are typically friendly and sociable with people and other animals, although they may be reserved with strangers at first.
  • Intelligent: Bolognese are intelligent and can be relatively easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement methods.
  • Playful: They have a playful and lively disposition, making them great companions for families.

Health and Care

  • Lifespan: The Bolognese has a lifespan of approximately 12 to 14 years, although some can live longer with proper care.
  • Health Issues: Generally, the breed is healthy, but like all dogs, they can be prone to certain genetic conditions. Common issues include patellar luxation, dental problems, and hip dysplasia.
  • Grooming: Regular grooming is essential to maintain their fluffy coat. This includes brushing several times a week to prevent matting and occasional baths to keep the coat clean. Professional grooming may be necessary.
  • Exercise: Bolognese dogs require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks and playtime are sufficient to meet their exercise needs.
  • Diet: A balanced diet suitable for small breeds is important. Portion control is crucial to prevent obesity.


The Bolognese has a long history, dating back to at least the 11th or 12th century in Italy. They were favored by nobility and aristocracy in Bologna and other parts of Europe. They were often given as gifts among the wealthy and were prized for their companionship and charming appearance.

Living Environment

  • Adaptability: The Bolognese is highly adaptable and can thrive in various living situations, including apartments and houses. They are well-suited to both urban and rural environments.
  • Companionship: They do not do well when left alone for long periods and can suffer from separation anxiety. They thrive on companionship and being part of family activities.

Training and Socialization

  • Training: Bolognese dogs respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. Early socialization and training are important to ensure they develop into well-mannered adults.
  • Socialization: Exposing them to various people, environments, and experiences from a young age helps prevent shyness and ensures they are well-adjusted.


The Bolognese is a delightful companion dog known for its affectionate nature, intelligence, and charming appearance. With proper care, training, and socialization, they make excellent pets for families, singles, and seniors alike. Their adaptability and friendly disposition make them a popular choice for those seeking a small, loving, and loyal canine friend.


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